Dr Deepika has been involved in narrating Soton Brain Hub videos for a while now and has successfully coordinated our cranial nerve teaching at Southampton and has published work on technology enhanced learning too.

Deeps has even led on the delivery of the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition in 2020. If this wasn't enough, she is also in the habit of making some rather nice, visually attractive neuro notes.

Like other members of our team, Deeps is a big fan of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. She uses a mixture of colourful illustrations and annotated notes, all done by her own fair hand.

Rumour has it, her handwritten notes are in demand at Southampton and poor quality bootleg copies are in circulation for those that lurk in dark corners of the library at the right time. Now, and for the first time, we make them publicly available to the masses...(let the good times roll, cue the music...).