Hailey Laurayne is a junior doctor who originally comes from Barbados (alright for some!). She has always loved teaching, and over her first couple of years at medical school she spent way too much time perfecting her anatomy notes!

She tends to draw diagrams using the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro and then transfers them onto typed notes (or vice versa). Hailey loves to combine her anatomical sketches with her lecture and practical notes because it is a really useful way to learn.

She is used to sharing them with all her medic friends from Southampton, so thought why not share them with everyone!? After she joined the Soton Brain hub Team as a laboratory based teacher we were far too sensible to let her go, so here she is, offering up her head & Neck /neuro anatomy note book page by page, for everyone to use. What a top girl ?

Associated with each image is a higher quality PDF file which you can download absolutely free and use for your own learning. What a good egg Hailey is!

CN SBH pdf.pdf CN SBH pdf.pdf
Size : 260.096 Kb
Type : pdf
Meninges SBH pdf.pdf Meninges SBH pdf.pdf
Size : 271.387 Kb
Type : pdf
Brain Topography SBH  pdf.pdf Brain Topography SBH pdf.pdf
Size : 787.991 Kb
Type : pdf
Size : 4002.233 Kb
Type : pdf
Eye SBH 2.3.pdf Eye SBH 2.3.pdf
Size : 541.327 Kb
Type : pdf